Flinders University is dedicated to providing valuable and consolidating work placement experiences for its students. At Flinders University, we believe preparing students prior to undertaking a WIL placement is the responsibility of the University and an important stepping stone in ensuring placements are meaningful and successful, for all stakeholders. Accordingly, the Centre for University Teaching instigated the development of Pre-Place as an accessible, interactive online student preparatory resource, designed specifically to assist University staff in preparing students prior to placement. Pre-Place is now embedded in numerous schools across all University faculties. Flinders University has established policies, guidelines and administrative procedures regarding Work-Integrated Learning. These documents provided the underlying rationale for Pre-Place. They are available for viewing here.


Ms Helen Stephenson, Mr Greg Faller, Ms Chris Fanning, Mr David Green, Mr John Harris, Ms Anne Hayes, Mrs Ceri Macleod, Ms Chris Wilson, Mrs Mahin Mahjabeen, Ms Kelly Marshall, Mr Chris O’Grady, Mr Christian Ohly, Dr Giselle Rampersad, Ms Pam Smith, Ms Adrienne Tilling, Ms Helen Webb, Associate Professor Paul McCormack