Video Scenarios

Incorporated within Pre-Place are four videos demonstrating workplace scenarios and two videos comprising advice from students and staff to students preparing for a work placement experience.

Video Example 1
Video Example 2

Assessment Tools

A tracking system identifies progress with pages marked ‘complete’ when they have been viewed and tasks marked ‘complete’ when student assessment grades are met. Where a student receives a grade lower than the required pass mark they are able to retake the assessment task until the passing grade is obtained. With each attempt the task’s answers are randomised. A grade book enables teachers to view and export their student’s grades. If teachers wish they can look at the time and number of attempts on each task a student has made. Students can also view their task grades in the grade book.

Operating Platform

Pre-Place is packaged with a Blackboard and Moodle plugin, along with all other Pre-Place resources.

  • Blackboard compatible
  • Moodle compatible
  • Completely customisable